Mr. Tambourine Man 2019 events

Next year’s events will take place in early April at the Osaka Nipponbashi and Ikebukuro Animate stores. No guests have been announced other than Kiiyan.

As always, you must buy the CD from Animate to receive the lottery serial number.


Event:  DJCD「谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~捲土重来~」 talk show
Dates:  4/6/2019 (Osaka) & 4/7/2019 (Ikebukuro)
Venues:  Animate Osaka Nipponbashi animateO.N.SQUARE HALL 3F / Animate Ikebukuro 9th floor event hall
Lottery Dates:  10/16/2018~3/5/2019