Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~

Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ is an upcoming game from Otomate in which you play an exotic dancer who’s also a spy — and assassin. In this game, she’s hired by the prince of a defeated European country (Tachibana Shinnouske) to kill the prince of a militaristic country (Kiiyan).

Kiiyan’s character is named Vince, 25 year old first prince of the Rugan kingdom.

The game is due out in December for PC. Store bonuses and more can be found on the official website.


Title:  Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ / 蛇香のライラ ~Allure of MUSK~
Format:  Windows
Release Date:  12/21/2018
Price:  Regular version 4,298 yen (tax included) / Limited edition 5,918 yen (tax included)