e-zuka & Takita live house shows

This coming weekend (September 14-16) will see e-zuka and Takita playing together Friday night, and Takita on Saturday night.


Friday night, e-zuka and Takita will be joining Kyosokarma — vocalist Taka, shamisen player KIJI — in Shinjuku. Unfortunately, tickets for this apparently went on sale in July, and it’s sold out.







Tickets might still be available for Takita’s Saturday live at the Osaka Jack Lion, where he’ll be joining guitarist Yonekawa Hideyuki, drummer Kawaguchi Chisato and keyboardist Yabuki Taku.

You can submit a request for tickets here. Be sure to include your name, your mobile phone number and number of tickets needed. Tickets are 4,000 yen in advance.