AGF Mr. Tambourine Man special CD

Animate is offering a special Mr. Tambourine Man CD that attendees of the upcoming Animate Girls Festival can buy as part of the events “bundle ticket” deal. Attendees must buy a ticket to the event, and at that time can purchase a “bundle” that will let them pick up this CD a the event.

For more information on AGF, check out the website.

Animate is also currently soliciting responses to the following two questions, for Kiiyan to record for the CD:  “Things Kiiyan can’t answer now” (「きーやんにいまさら聞けないこと」) and “I don’t understand the opposite sex!” (「異性のココが分からない!」). Responses can be submitted via the usual Mr. Tambourine Man form. Be sure to select 「きーやんにいまさら聞けないこと」or「異性のココが分からない!」 for the item ( コーナー名 【必須】)you want to answer.

The deadline for submissions is July 20, 2018, or sooner, depending on the volume of responses.