Around Tokamachi, from e-zuka

e-zuka posted some personal sight-seeing tips for Tokamachi to his blog this week.

Food:  He says anywhere you go, the food’s going to be good, and to be sure to try the goods provided at the event by local vendors


1) Hatoya glasses studio (run by his cousin; he once bought a guitar and amp from here, so maybe a bit more than a glasses shop?)

2) Shimada Pharmacy (run by a friend who is in the GR copy band 「牛牛隊」; he appeared on the TBS GR show)

3) Atago kindergarten (where wee e-zuka attended)

4) Tokamachi elementary school (ditto; he says he had asthma as a kid and the climb to the school was hard)

5) Tokamachi gymnasium (where he played tennis) and the Tokamachi Municipal Hall (his last high school concert)

6) Suwa Jinja Shrine (his little sister was married here; and the family went to hatsumode here each year)

7) Tokamachi high school

8) Honjoin Gokoku temple

9) Echigo-Tsumari Cultural Hall (the venue!)

His full directions can be found in the blog entry.