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The official site announced on Saturday that a bus “tour” (from Yuzawa to Tokamachi) would be available for both shows. Roundtrip fare is 2500 yen (per day) and the trips can be purchased on the JTB site. Payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer.

It was also announced that one extra train per day, after each show, will run from Tokamachi to Yuzawa (where the Hokuriku shinkansen back to Tokyo stops). The extra trains are as follows:

May 19th (Sat)
Leaves Tokamachi station @ 21:02
Arrives at Echigo Yuzawa station @ 21:30
May 20th (Sun)
Leaves Tokamachi station @ 19:47
Arrives at Echigo yuzawa station @ 20:14
NOTE:  The last shinkansen for Tokyo that Sunday night leaves Echigo Yuzawa at 22:24 PM, arriving at 23:40.


GR URL:  http://www.granrodeo.net/news/2018/04/e-zuka-2.php
JTB URL:  http://www.jtb.co.jp/tabeat/List.asp?Tourno=b5fd25fad710442090f319d8