dAnime event campaign for Taniyama Kishou’s Carefree Walk

There’s currently a campaign running on the (Docomo) dAnime service where four fans can win a ticket to the June event featuring Kiiyan, Shimono and Kawada Shinji.

To enter, fans will need to:


  1. Be a Docomo customer
  2. Subscribe to the dAnime service (495 yen/month)
  3. Download the dAnime mobile app
  4. Rent the show (1944 yen)
  5. Click the campaign button on the show’s page

Winners will be announced on 5/9/2018 around 12:00 JST. The announcement will appear on the dAnime app, so the winners must be still subscribed at the time of the event, and display the announcement to staff the day of the event.