“Ikemen Live Koi no Uta no Kimi” game

Pre-registration is open for the latest “Ikemen Live” game, “Ikemen Live Koi no Uta no Kimi,” which features Kiiyan, Aoi Shouta, KENN, Kaji Yuki and Ono Yuki.

In a world where music is regulated by the government, some dare to play unsanctioned music. You play a vocalist picked up by one of these daring bands — will love blossom?

Kiiyan’s character is the drummer for the four piece band Hounds.  Two voice samples are available on Shinonome’s character page.


Website:  https://ikemen.cybird.ne.jp/title/live/original/
Promo Video:  My Beloved Phrase
Character:  Shinonome Eisuke
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ikemen_live