「Punchline Experiment」sessions

It seems that when Takita mentioned “sessions” in his blog, he meant live shows and not recording. And last night he revealed that he will be performing a pair of shows with two old friends, e-zuka and drummer Ichikawa Yoshihisa.

The three have played together previously as 「Punchline 」, with e-zuka providing both guitar and vocals. The April shows will be instrumental only, though.

There will be two sessions, one in Yotsuya and one in Yokohama. Reservations can be made for a single ticket via email.

For the Yotsuya show, use the club’s contact form to send the following information:  show date, band name, your full name, email and phone number. Staff will contact those who submit requests within a few days.

For the Yokohama show, email requests here.


Takita Isamu presents:  「Punchline Experiment」

4/15(日)Yotsuya Sokesu Rock (NOTE: already SOLD OUT)
4/28(土)Hey joe Yokohama

For more info:  http://isamu6st.blog122.fc2.com/blog-entry-841.html