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  • Event:  Shibuya Note (Performance Recording Participation) for broadcast on Feb 4, 2018
  • Date:  Feb 3, 2018
  • Time: 4pm-5:30pm (time with Granrodeo = around 15 min)
  • Location: NHK studio headquarter in Shibuya
  • Writer: Roo Garden
  • Note: No photos allowed at the recording; images in this post were taken during broadcast (hence the low quality)

Background: Shibuya Note (シブヤノオト Shibuya no Oto) is a music program on NHK General (national TV channel, not cable, not paid subscription like TBS Channel 1 or Fuji TV Next). The 1 hour program, featuring about 5 music artists, broadcasts live on Sundays at 5pm but the performance segments are pre-recorded. Granrodeo’s audience was selected through a Fan Club lottery and was free to participate. The audience size was about 200 people. The winning email notice came with a number for lining up and ultimately decided how far from stage people get placed. My number was 63 and ended up 3rd row centre slightly to the left.


Standby time (1) (GR off-stage)

Staff: What is Granrodeo’s charm?
Audience [out loud]: かっこいい (They are awesome/hot!)
Audience [in minds and whispers]: Where do we start?

Camera Rehearsal

The foursome (especially Kiiyan and Shin) had their game face on and exaggerating their normal moves compared to a one-man.

First time to hear the song live so audience somewhat unsure how to react. Footage play-back showed no movement for the first part of the song. (^_^;lll)

Standby time (2) after Camera Rehearsal (GR off-stage)

Staff: How was the performance?
Audience [out loud]: かっこいい (Awesome!)
Audience [in minds and whispers]: We lack vocabulary (^_^;lll)

Staff: Who became fan through anime?
Some hands raised but not many.
Staff: Who became fan through the songs?
Some hands raised but not many.
The staff moved on and I thought, “How about the people who became GR fans through Kiiyan’s seiyuu work?”

Staff: Please act and give it your all like at an ordinary show during the most fired up song.
Audience [in thoughts and whisper]: Hehe, you don’t know what you are asking for.
Staff: Of course, please remember this is NHK. This is NHK.
Audience: Hahaha, understood.

Right before the shoot

Kiiyan (K): Rodeo Gumi! Thanks for coming to our one song show!

K: I really feel I have the lyrics down packed (Audience:Oh! [Impressed]) but if, not saying there will be, if there is a mistake, we might do a retake haha.

Staff [to the audience and GR]: We are increasing the CO2 and adding an extra blast at the end. Please don’t be surprised by the change.
K: No problem, I don’t know what CO2 is though but something will come out.
Staff: We will be increasing some smoke.
K: OK, CO2 is smoke hahaha I am being stupid.
Audience: So cute!
K: You guys are cuter!

After the performance

K: Was the drum a bit out of sync? [Turned to Shin, kind of hinting he wants a retake(?)]
Staff off stage: All good!
Me [in thought]: Damn!

Photos and Video

The staff took photos of all four of them lined up on stage. Shin stood on tippy toes to try look taller next to e-Zuka. Kiiyan then did the same to level himself the same height as Takita san and e-Zuka san.

[Staff gives Kiiyan a phone on selfie stick to take video with audience as background.]
Audience: Do you know how to use it? Lol
K: Of course I do! [in feigned anger]

The staff held a board of short script but they deviated of course. e-Zuka san finally relaxed after the performance and could squeeze in a few jokes. The video can be found on Shibuya Note’s official Twitter.


The whole experience (from the initial gathering at the entrance to exiting the building) was about 1.5 hours, the actual time of seeing GR was very short (less than 15 min in total). Nevertheless, it was totally awesome to take part and support them. The stage set up and lighting was quite impressive for a small-ish stage. The TV footage will no doubt float around the internet after it has aired. Still a while until the release of Deadly Drive on Feb 21 but hopefully we will hear more and more part of the song leading up to it.