Anison R talk show in Sapporo

Kiiyan, Keigo and Kohshi will be holding a free talk show in the Shin-Chitose airport on Sunday, February 11th. The talk show is tied to the March Anison R event, even though it’s over a month earlier.

The event organizers are looking for questions to ask at the event. If you’d like to submit a question, send a “radio” name, guest name and question to one of the following contact points. Deadline for submitting questions is 2/7/2018.


Event: FM North Wave Talk Event “Anison-R Business trip! FLOW × GRANRODEO Talk Festival !! in New Chitose Airport”
Date & Time: Sunday, February 11, 2018 @ 14:00~ 14:30
Venue: New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal Building 2F Center Plaza Special Stage
Venue DJ: Kaoru Kataoka