all night nippon

All Night Nippon R

all night nipponThis Saturday night (Sunday morning), Kiiyan, Keigo and Kohshi will guest on the All Night Nippon radio show.

The theme for the show is “your little evil episode,” so they’d like listeners to write in about some little bad thing they’ve done. Examples on the site include “taking 500 yen from my mom’s wallet” and “deleting all my dad’s erotic pictures.” The site stresses not to bring up something actually criminal (that might require contacting the police!).

Depending on the email, Kiiyan, Keigo and Kohshi might want to call the listener. So if you send an email, and don’t mind being called in the middle of the night (Japan only, sorry!), be sure to put your age, sex and phone number in the email. And be sure to put あなたのちょい悪エピソード(the theme name) in the subject line, and, if  you would like a call, put 電話 in the subject line.


Show:  All Night Nippon
On Air: 3:00 (27:00)~5:00