Taniyama Kishou & Satou Takuya talk show in Meidai

Today we have a guest post from a friend of mine (Roo Garden) who was lucky enough to attend this talk show last Friday. Many thanks to her for taking copious notes and transcribing them for us.


Event:  Taniyama Kishou and Satou Takuya Talk Show
Date: November 3rd, 2017|
Venue:  Meiji University
Time: 12:00 ~ 13:00

Writer: Roo Garden

Context: The talk show was part of Meiji University’s uni festival and took place in a lecture theatre   (2 floors, capacity almost 1000ish). Tickets were pre-sold and all seats were designated. Great weather and cheerful festivity all around. The two were relaxed and talked fast to fit as much into the limited time they could. 90% of the audience was female and they did well getting a lot of laughs from the audience with their cheeky answers. Photos available from the event’s official twitter account (https://twitter.com/sps_seiyu_17).

Notes to readers: Much has been rephrased/simplified so avoid taking the write up as direct translations. Names of certain people are written in full without honorific for reader’s understanding. Some details are also missing. Audience’s reactions omitted unless necessary.

K= Kiiyan

S = Satou

H = Host

The event started with the BGM playing Voice for Yell ~ Theme of Kenprock 2017~.

The fangirls screamed and cheered as the two entered from stage right all smiles. Kiiyan greeted the audience as if he was an alumnus. Satou mentioned they are from Ken Production.

The host asked the two to take their seats and Kiiyan immediately answered, “No!”. He quickly obeyed after getting the laughs and the troubled look from the host. The host explained that they would start by answering questions from the audience that were collected via official Twitter beforehand. The two pulled out questions from a box one by one and read them out themselves.

K: Zudoncho!1 [hand in box]

1From Mr. Tambourine Man, Kiiyan’s onomatopoeia for “penetration”.

How comfortable are you being alone? I have been to Disneyland by myself before.

K: I can’t do Disneyland alone. Need some company for theme parks.

S: But I know one of our senpai can…S-san…

K: Arh~ Mizuki Saiga~

S: Haha, you said it out loud.

K: He…[audience laughed] I meant she is really into Disney.

S: Every time in Saiga-san’s car, the music was always Disney.

K: Come to think of it, I haven’t gone to Disneyland this year. But noway will I go any time soon at this time of the year.

S: Yeah, it’s Christmas season.2

K: Going to the movies alone is totally fine though. Yakiniku alone…doesn’t feel right.

S: I agree, much prefer going to the movies alone than with people. But I am fine with yakiniku alone and also karaoke.

K: I love karaoke alone. Back when I first started out in Tokyo with a lot of time and little money, I would spend all day in a karaoke for just 500 yen. The karaoke was in Ayase.

S: But recently I felt a bit uncomfortable when the staff assigned me to a party room.

K: Party room?

S: It was during the day and they seemed to be limiting what rooms get used. So I was in a big room that had capacity to hold 20 people.

K: On the topic of singing, congratulations on your new single release.

S: Thank you, what a great segue! Haha, you acted cold in the waiting room when I offered you the CD.

K: Of course, I was just playing with you. Congrats!

S: Peroncho~ [hand in box]

2Tokyo Disneyland’s Christmas theme starts from November. Japanese people generally treat Christmas as a season for lovers.

3A type of BBQ restaurant in Japan.

Which hairstyle for girls do you prefer?

K [very quickly]: Short.

S: Many will be trimming their hairs after this.

K: Haha, of course, it depends on what suits the girl. Some are great with long black hair. But to me the back of the neck is attractive. When girls put up their hair, that’s a killer move.

S: Hum…I like short hair too but the long flowing hair as you cross path is great. The lingering fragrance alluring.

K: Yes, the Vidal Sassoon smell. I really like that smell but it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore.

S: [product name] smells good too.

K: Backstage before the show, my manager Nozaki and a group of staff were talking about one-point tattoos. Very small ones on like the neck, ankles or finger. Nozaki was strongly against it, saying that’s still harming the precious body from the parents. I think I am just over the okay line.

S: Same. So much depends on the sense. If you have your lover’s name it can be a bit lame. I have heard of ankle piercing recently.

K: Ankle piercing?! But that’s [lifting one foot and gesturing to the ankle bone] there right?

S: Yeah around there.

K: [looking terrified] That must be incredibly painful.

2017 is ending, anything left to do before it ends?

K: So we have mentioned Christmas and this year I have moved to a big place. The entrance area is quite big so I am seriously thinking about getting a Christmas tree.

H: How big?

K: Um… a relative size. So around B cup or C cup. Just to be clear, I am not divorced, no child, living by myself being an unsold leftover. Just want to get a proper Christmas tree for the first time. [pause] Coming here and seeing all the young ones enjoying themselves.

S: Yeah [to the audience], Kishou-san was looking at the people saying they are real-juu4. Don’t think they are all couples though.

K: Hum… couldn’t help noticing. Bit envious…haha. How about you? Anything left you want to do?

S: Well, for events I do a fair bit of cosplay but I feel this year I haven’t cross-dressed properly yet.

H: What kind of female cosplay have you done in the past.

S: I dressed as a nurse and another time a bride. It was hard getting dresses my size so had to import from overseas.

K: Nurse and bride…like AV haha. [gesturing Satou’s physique] You are looking more and more like an AV star.

S: Haha, likewise.

K: Sometimes when people at snack bars ask about my work, I would joke that I do AV. Always a fun topic haha.

4“Real-juu” リアル充 literally means “enriched in reality” and it is often used to refer to people who have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.

When you were a student, what worried you the most?

K: Back in school, I focused on sport mainly. I was on the track & field team and didn’t have much contact with girls. So I was concerned about how to be popular.

H: So your current style is a reaction to that?

K: Yeah,  I still want to be popular!

S: I was on the track & field team too. What did you compete in?

K: I was a sprinter, mainly 100m and 200m. But later did 400m too. I was pretty good and came 2nd at the prefecture tournament for 400m. But later I quit around 2nd year high school. What did you do?

S: Javelin

K: Ya~~ [yells and mimicking javelin throwers] How far did they go?

S: About 30m to 40m.

[Kiiyan mentioned a javelin champion from Czech Republic. The two talked a bit about recent TV sport broadcasts. Kiiyan also took out his tablet which was tucked in his pant here or earlier on.]

Many uni students do part-time work. Any part-time job you would want to try? Any story to share about a part-time job you did in the past?

K: Hum…hospitality?

S: Night hospitality?

K: Haha, I wonder what being a host5 is like. Did a walk through Shinjuku Kabukicho area and my god things looked impressive. Massive billboards of the hosts.

S: Yeah, amazing. They look like idol stars. Hot guy by profession!

K: Actually, I don’t have much part time experience. When I was 19 at Yoyogi Animation Academy, AV course…no, I was in seiyuu course, I worked at Wendy’s for about 3 months.

S: Only 3 months?

K: Yeah, from fairly early on I was bit of a misfit. Wasn’t motivated and quit after it didn’t feel right for me. So grateful I have gotten into this profession.

S: I was working at McDonald’s and did everything from opening from closing.

K: So you were team leader?

S: Yeah, I was even in charge of organising shifts so there were times when some would beg me for some favours like, “Please only put me down for 3 hours on that day.”

K: Arh…if it’s Line, that would be “seen but ignored”.

S: Haha, of course there were no Line at the time, even mobile phones were rare so all the bargaining was face-to-face.

K: Yeah, at that time….[calculating years] no phones yet. Time has changed.

S: Bit off the topic but KenPro moved to Ebisu recently which involved tidying up beforehand. I was helping out with sorting the old resumes and I saw Kishou-san’s old resume hahaha. It was really unsophisticated and innocent. Wish I can show the photo. The hair was all combed back and Kishou-san had stubbles.

K: I have the photo on my tablet. The seiyuu before-after photos are out there and I have them saved. Many are more shocking than mine.

S: Really?! I will look and react for the audience. [stood up and looked over] Kishou-san, you have a lot of photos of yourself in your album.

K: Other people take them for me haha.

S: I have little of myself on my device.

K: Ah, that’s my niece, isn’t she cute?

S: Oh, I thought it’s some woman.

K: Hey, don’t say anything unnecessary.

S: [joke?] Haha, are you nude there?

K: No~ My clothes was taken off by someone else!

[Laughing at the photos]

S: That’s Kamiya-san?!6

K: Shhh…he is Asia No.1 now.

S: Arh, Mamo.

[audience screams]

K: Yes, he will be on VS Arashi7 soon. Went to his show at Yokohama Arena.

[an audience shouted, “How was it?”]

K: Awesome! Completely an idol.

5Male escorts who earn money by drinking and sweet-talking customers.

6The “Hiroshi Kamiya is Asia’s No.1 Seiyuu” is more an in-joke from web radio program Oshaberi Ya-tema~su (Okiayu, Onosaka and Kamiya) and spread widely by Onosaka. Dear Girl Stories picked up on it too. It started because Kamiya did a talkshow in Korea and the organizers made a catchcopy along the lines of  “The most popular seiyuu in Asia Hiroshi Kamiya!”.

7News of Miyano Miyano appearing on VS Arashi (a prime time national idol variety show) made headlines. His appearance will air on November 16th.

If you can experience another profession for one day, what would that be?

K [immediately]: Shiru danyu!8

S: Detective!

K: Goody two shoes. Next!

8It means semen actor who provides “juice” in AV without other involvements.

When facing unpleasant tasks, how do you motivate yourself?

K: I don’t. I will be in denial and avoid it for as long as I can. Yeah, like mentioned earlier I am a misfit. Hospitals and banks are places I avoid because I don’t like the waiting and atmosphere. When it comes to hospitals, I can’t not go but I been able to avoid the bank for a very long time until recently. This sounds so commonplace but I had to pay some tax and could only do it in person. Procrastinated for too long and ended up paying late fee on top of it. It’s times like that that make me wish I live a bit smarter. Don’t be like me. When you get older, you might look back and think about things to do differently if you can go back in time. I am kind of doing that now. But rather than regretting about the past, I envisage my older self, in 20 years time, looking back to the present time and imagining what my future self will regret. Then avoiding making those regrets in the present. Kind of like I travelled back in time from the future and re-living now. Don’t I sound deep and awesome.

S: I get that feeling too and there are many things I wish I had done differently. But then I feel even if I do travel back in time, I might end up making similar choices. Now, I am better at negotiating and when facing unpleasant tasks and will try to get some trade-offs. For example, if I have to do work I am not so interested in, I will request for things I want. Being stubborn can be a good thing. Don’t just accept and follow what other people tell you to do.

K: That’s great advice.

The host then explained that’s the end of that segment. The next part is talking about topics written on cards prepared by the organisers. The box was removed and cards were handed over.

K: Trump cards…Trump’s daughter is pretty hot. Don Trump will be in town soon.

S: Don Trump, making him sound like a mafia.

Do you have any favourite saying or motto?

S: Hum…recently I quite like the saying, “I like how you eat so much.”

K: Hum…there are some people who really like catchy phrases. Hosoya for example. He is a peculiar one. The other day when were doing an Attack on Titan Event9, he said to me backstage, “Kishou-san…you are into rock right? Do you have any rock sayings?” So I said to him, “Yes, I am a rocker. But I didn’t chose rock, rock chose me.”

[audience clapped, cheered and laughed]

K: Geez…what were we saying early in the morning…This is embarrassing, don’t go spreading it okay? [sheepish smile]

9Sound and Reading Live on October 29th, 2017.

Where do you feel most relaxed at home?

K: Toilet…no, the bathroom. I didn’t have a bath before I move.

S: So only the shower previously.

K: Yeah, the bathroom now has a view of the outside.

S: Oh?! Isn’t that dangerous?

K: It’s fine because of fencing and partitioning. So lying in the bath with my tablet, listening to music or watching stuff on youtube.

S: I made a hobby room.

K: Hobby room…AV room?

S: Hahaha, I was a bit indecisive with that idea too. No, it’s more a training room. So I have a bench press about this big.

K: Wow!

S: So I can train without people with muscles looking at me.

How do you de-stress?

K: Karaoke and snack bars10

S: Snack bars have karaoke too though.

K: So snack bars haha. Also cycling. I came by bike today too. It’s great to enjoy the good weather and Tokyo sceneries on a bike.

S: Hum…drinking parties. So recently I lifted my drinking ban.

K: Why were you limiting it before?

S: For a work project I needed to live healthy and fit so a lot of discipline. Favourite drink now is Midorikawa…It’s from…[think hard]

K: Midorikawa Hikaru is from Tochigi.

S: No no,

K: Not the seiyuu?

S: Drinking Midorikawa-san…No!

10“Snack bar” is a type of bar where female attendants (lead by a Mama) serve drinks over the counter and make the patrons feel at home with talk and karaoke. It’s different from Girls Bars and Cabaret Clubs.

First anime you purchased?

K: Of course, I remember a lot of manga and anime I watched as a kid. Anime…many were re-runs on TV though. Probably Nausicaä. It was around the transition from 3rd grade primary School to 4th grade when it came out and it made a huge impact on me. My dream was becoming a Ghibli animator but I couldn’t draw. You know how in class there’s always one or two known as the best in art? I was so jealous of them. Anyway, so many great works like Akira from the ’80s.

S: The ’80s and ’90s were great eras. Hard for me to choose too. Hum…before the time of DVDs it was tapes called VHS. And the work that I re-watched so much, even broke the tape and had to mend it back, was Totoro. I know all the lines.

K: [mimics Mei (?) from Totoro] Damn… that was a bad imitation.

S: Hahaha, also Laputa! I admired Pazu!

K: Me too! I am sure other people felt the same. The way he climbed up the side of the castle…What a rock climber! Also in Nausicaä, when Nausicaa11 did the back flip with the gun. Amazing actions! I have a friend from the same era who had no knowledge of Ghibli. So we got together and I showed him Nausicaä. Unfortunately, he was more hooked by Memories which we watched afterwards. Will try again with Laputa one day.

11It could have been someone else. The writer didn’t catch this bit.

What kind of girls do you like?

K: Those who easily put out…

S [cuts K short]: Granrodeo~! Granrodeo~!

K: Hahaha, just joking. Let me think.

S: You think you can redeem yourself?

K: Someone who is cute and pretty and because I am like this, someone who laughs understandably and helps me out. Arh… it’s because of this that I am unwanted.

S: Yeah, I like positive girls too. Laughing definitely a plus.

Places you would like to travel to?

K: Speaking of travel, I will be going to Kobe12 this weekend after NBA13. It’s been a while since I have been to Kobe so I am looking forward to it. I want to go to Fukui again someday, the last time I had some great food there.

S: No oversea destinations?

K: Well…yeah…I have been pushed to go overseas next year. Taiwan, I am nervous about going overseas for the first time. A lot of people have told me the flight is short so it’s a good first time destination. By the way, how many people have gone overseas?

[about 65% of the audience raised their hands]

Really? Wow, most have gone. What about culture shock and stuff? I don’t know what to expect and might do something silly haha.

S: But that’s really exciting. You might end up wanting to go to other countries once you have tried.

K: Who knows, I might get used to it or feel it’s not such a big deal. Have you gone overseas?

S: I have been to Asian countries for events and recently I started the Chinese twitter called Weibo. Also learning some Chinese. Time has really changed, recordings and meetings are done through the internet. For a game, there are some Chinese collaborations and I asked whether people will travel for meetings but no, all done by Skype. Haven’t been to America nor Europe. Kind of typical but I would like to go to New York. Times Square and the like.

K: Yeah, me too. Times Square and other famous places do make people want to go at least once.

12Another uni talk show, this time with Hayashi Yu (from KenPro & Screen Mode).

13Kiiyan sometimes does live NBA commentary for cable TV WowWow.

Any senpai who influenced or inspired you?

K: I became interested in the industry because of Akira and really look up to Iwata Mistsuo14. So many great seiyuu, Furukawa Toshio in Urusei Yatsura. Yasuhara Yoshito , Kusao Takeshi. It’s really thanks to those senpai who also sung that taught me the possibilities of being a singing seiyuu.

S:  For me there were two mediums that influenced me, anime and the dubbing for foreign works. Anime wise, Tomokazu Seiki in G Gundam. Recently, I was honoured to take part in his theatre work HeroQ and was very inspired. Before then, I only knew the seiyuu side of him and of course I feel he is very convincing in all his characters but the stage works bring out another dynamic side of him. I learnt a lot from discussions with him about his creative process. Another thing I find impressive is how at ease he is. I was backstage getting my hair and make-up done and to my surprise he came and said hi all nude straight from the shower. He was the troupe leader so he could do what he wanted.

K: Yes, always his natural self.

S: Then from the dubbing, it’s Morikawa Toshiyuki. I watched and studied his Tom Cruise dubbing. There are various DVD settings you can play around with and I would switch between the voices and the subtitling.

14Iwata played the main character Kaneda in Akira.

Present time

The two pulled out ticket cuttings from a box and gave away 5 signed Kenprock CDs. Two of the tickets were from row H so they played with the ecchi pun.

K: Nozaki will sign them later. [joke]

S: He is pretty good at it.

H: Unfortunately, we are reaching the end but don’t worry, there is still one activity left. Everyone please stand up.

K: Now, we will give everyone a slap. [gesturing slapping action] [some audience cheered] You serious?! A slap from him (Satou) will really hurt.

S: [Slapping action] Hahaha, the audience is way too excited.

It was not slapping time but photo time. After the photo, the two ended with final comments.

S: When I first heard about the event, I was a bit surprised because Kishou-san and I don’t have common works and don’t know much about each other. We planned to go out for drinks beforehand but scheduling was difficult. Today has been a pleasure and it’s nice to have talked about various topics and found similarities. Hopefully, we can become closer through this. Thank you for today.

K: Yes, I enjoyed today too and it’s rare to talk to so many in a relaxed environment. I never studied at uni so the campus life and atmosphere are attractive to me. There are stages at uni festivals and I have told the band staffs that I would like to sing at some uni festivals but with no success.

S: I think crowd control would be a huge issue.

K: Hum…I still hope we can get around it somehow. Anyway, I hope to participate in more uni events in the future. Thank you very much!

The two then left the stage and the host gave her closing too. During her closing Kiiyan appeared back on stage for some reason. It seemed that he came back to find his tablet which was on the table. However, the table and tablet were taken away during photo time. The audience enjoyed the unexpected appearance. Kiiyan waved and disappeared backstage quickly when he realised his tablet was taken backstage already.