Akasaka Blitz Hallowe’en Crossover Drive

(Pics are from Kiiyan, Takita, e-zuka and Kaneko Nobuaki)

  • Everyone dressed up:  Boo as Maijin Buu from Dragonball, Kaneko as a gorilla (his band wore animal masks too) and Granrodeo as the Sanzou-ikkou from Saiyuuki (Kiiyan as Son Goku, e-zuka as Sanzou Hoshi, Takita as Sha Gojyo and Shin as Cho Hakkai)
  • Kiiyan had supremely fluffy hair and even sideburns.
  • Kiiyan said their alternate cosplay idea was Lupin. He would’ve been Lupin and Takita … would have been Fujiko. Takita held out the front of his jacket to simulate Fujiko’s ample assets.
  • Goku, er Kiiyan, got rid of his limiter (crown) early on. Sanzou/e-zuka eventually lost his crown and sash, which resulted in staff having to run out and dress him for the encore.
  • The crowd was full of costumes too. The cutest were a Kishomi and Zukami who were front row.
  • Kiiyan’s belt and pants were a bit too big; he had to keep cutely adjusting the belt.
  • When they were introducing who they were cosplaying as, Kiiyan did indeed call Takita “Ero Kappa.”
  • When introduced, Shin oinked at us. Kiiyan gestured for him to take the piggie nose off, so he did … and oinked at us some more.
  • e-zuka harassed Shin by tugging on one piggie ear before a song
  • When they all were on stage at the end for a group pic and goodbyes, Shin pretended to knock our part of the front rows over with his giant rake; e-zuka blessed us all with his shakujo (monk staff), and then twirled it and acted like he was a major leading a marching band. Not to be outdone, Kiiyan put Nyoibou (Goku’s staff) between his legs and, well, stroked it with his left hand. Ahem.
  • And speaking thereof … Kiiyan forgot a few of the words to 絶頂ポイズン (he swapped Ride on 絶頂 / 見せてごらん for Poison 酩酊 / まるかじり the first time), but he, ah, remembered quite well what to do with his hand on the ファンタスティックな海綿体 line. (Never change, Kiiyan~)
  • シャニムニ was the audience participation song for the first time in quite a long time
  • For the encore, Kaneko played drums on Can Do.
  • They tossed candy into the audience … and then the candy boxes. None for us, alas, though someone behind me got candy from e-zuka.