Mr. Tambourine Man DJCD questionnaire

Per usual, Frontier Works is soliciting input from Tambourinistas for the “battle” Kiiyan will have with the guest on the upcoming 11th Mr. Tambourine Man DJCD (indirectly announced by the posting of the questionnaire). The questions and form can be found here.

I’ve translated the required fields, but applicants need to submit in Japanese, of course.


  1. What is your favorite drink? Please add reason.
  2. What is your favorite sport? Please add reason. Play, watch, either is okay.
  3. What kind of figure / gesture do you feel makes a man handsome?
  4. You are nervous with the first H with him. In such a case, what words should you whisper to him?
  5. What is your favorite position? (yes, THAT kind of position)

Required Info

  • Blood type
  • Star sign
  • Occupation
  • Radio Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Email
  • Prefecture
  • Corner (select 11th DJCD)
  • Mail Content (paste the questions and your answers here)
  • Picture (no more than 2 MB)


October 27, 2017 (though if there are a lot of submissions, the deadline may be earlier)