Take me to the Chiver event lottery application

The details have been posted for the ticket lotteries for January’s event featuring Kiiyan, Anri Katsu and Hayashi Yu. There are two opportunities for those buying the DVDs to enter, and three different forms (depending on when you bought the DVDs and from where). A little confusing!

For all three forms, you must have an account on the Rock Holiday site and join the fan club (it’s free). There are also three required questions on the form:

  • Where do you want the guys to go next?
  • What goods would you like to see?
  • Which of the guys are you a fan of?

Early entry is available to anyone who bought the DVDs by yesterday afternoon (Monday, September 11th). That form is here. If you bought the DVDs somewhere other than the AI2 site, you will need to upload a copy of the receipt that clearly shows your purchase from a retailer — not a second hand store. Lottery runs until 9/18/2017 @23:59 JST.

General entry forms are here (AI2 purchase) and here (purchase elsewhere). Deadline for these forms is 10/31/2017 @ 23:59 JST.

Full details are available on the site here.