OK Music Interview

OK Music has a nice interview with Kiiyan and e-zuka about the upcoming single, 「move on! イバラミチ」.


  • 「エンドレスサマー」 was played on a guitar with gut strings — which means nylon these days (so not metal, as is usual; 「Rain Beat」 was played on a gut-string guitar)
  • e-zuka describes 「エンドレスサマー」 as dance-able, with a Latin feel
  • When asked about 「恋は mirage」, e-zuka brought up Simon & Garfunkel, SHOCKING BLUE and Led Zeppelin’s 「Living Loving Maid」… which doesn’t help clarify what the song will sound like at all!

Oh, and G7’s setlist will only have songs up through Granrodeo’s seventh year.


  • Format:  Interview
  • URL:  https://okmusic.jp/news/191726