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A quick write-up before this week’s Diver City shows.

  • The show was very professional, as in they’ve upped their lighting game, added some serious smoke machines, and cut back on the talking (though they talked a fair amount on Sunday). Plus no slipups, lyrically or otherwise.
  • Less talking + no Go For it! (!!) + NO acoustic set (!!!!) made for a lean show. Where it used to take 3 hours to get 21 songs in, it was just about 2.5 hours each day.
  • As for the lack of acoustic set … while I missed the amusing banter between Kiiyan and e-zuka, having the semi-acoustic Under the Sky (and, on Saturday, a lovely version of 月に抱かれて眠りたい, complete with saxophone) meant I didn’t miss the segment as much as I thought I might.
  • But I did miss Go for It! big time and worry that it might not ever make it back into the set list as an audience participation song (there was, in fact, no audience participation song at all)
  • Fire Horns! Always nice to see them. (They were Saturday only; turns out Sunday they were down in Shizuoka with Hanazawa Kana)
  • For the encore first day, when Tocchi came out with the Pierrodeo baseball cap perched atop his regular top hat, Kiiyan teased him about looking like a big Mac.
  • As his lead-in for Under the Sky on Saturday, Kiiyan told us a story. Recently, when Kiiyan went to the doctor to have his blood drawn, the doctor had some advice for him.“Taniyama-san, eat more veggies. Taniyama-san, don’t drink any alcohol. Taniyama-san, are you married? No? Taniyama-san, get married and make babies.” He said this prompted him to reflect on life as he walked home … and that he needed to work on his delivery of the story. XD
  • Kiiyan teased Takita that his fox tail was getting bigger (sizing up) over time. Takita, true to his eroi-self, stroked it, ‘causing Kiiyan to joke about it getting bigger and harder. Takita … then said that Rodeo Girls like it that way, getting an affirmative response from the RG. XD
  • Day 2, Kiiyan told the Hokkaido RG they were cute … then told us from outside Hokkaido that we were cute too. Then told the RB they were cute too, of course. XD He and e-zuka were teasing an RB sandwiched between 2 RG in the front row, asking if he came with them (he did not).
  • Day 1, there was a guy up front making heart shapes (with his hands) for Kiiyan during 君に one way love.
  • Day 2, when Kiiyan announced the G11 blu-ray, an RG asked “what about DVD?” Kiiyan told her to buy a PS4. XD
  • Day 1, when Kiiyan introduced Shin, the latter had no microphone, so stood up behind the drums and yelled his intro to us. Kiiyan threatened to never give him a mic and make him to that at every show. Luckily for Shin, someone gave him a mic for day 2.
  • Day 1 my friend got one of e-zuka’s towels, winning a jan-ken-pon game with two other RG. Day 2, e-zuka bounced a pick off my right shoulder, and the girl next to me got it. Argh.
  • Under the Sky, 月に抱かれて眠りたい and 終わらぬ夢 were stunningly beautiful live. At some point Under the Sky will make me cry, it’s so moving.
  • e-zuka and Takita were utter dorks during Y.W.F. on day 2, launching roundhouse punches at one another from across the stage.
  • At some point on day 1, when Takita came over to e-zuka’s side of the stage, he wrapped a hand around e-zuka’s throat. More eroi than one would expect.
  • Kiiyan admired e-zuka’s black leathery pants full of zippers. e-zuka say they were his ojisan pants:  one zipper was for lunch, another for snacks…. he also commented on e-zuka’s jeans, which made his legs look super long. e-zuka confessed to wearing false bottom boots with them.
  • Managed part of Kiiyan’s hand for the high-five, but not e-zuka at all, alas.
  • Instead of singling any particular bikini-wearing RG out, on day 2, right up front Kiiyan thanked them all, made a few comments and gestures. XD
  • Kiiyan and e-zuka noted that they share some staff with OCD, and one staffer couldn’t make the Sunday show because he had to go support OCD. e-zuka said he’d come back smelling of OCD, and Kiiyan said he’d be tattooed. Kiiyan also said he wanted to punish the staffer by eating all the things the staffer had wanted to eat in Sapporo … but ended up just eating gyutan. XD
  • Def got noticed by all three, and thank you as always, Kiiyan, for making sure I know you saw me. ❤