GuraP Event

This year’s event featured Kiiyan, e-zuka, Shimono Hiro, Konno-san (GuraP), Shinkai Taketo (animator) and two comedians (one of whom voices Rodeo Spider’s rock star fan in the animation). The comedian who voices Rodeo Spider’s fishy drummer couldn’t be there due to “魚仕事” (fish work), as he explained in a short video they played at the beginning.

As with the past two events, there were several corners. First was a retrospective of season two, with a focus on e-zuka character, Masaaki (Rodeo’s dad). The UraP (behind the scenes videos) they shared of e-zuka totally flubbing his lines in the studio were quite amusing.

The second corner involved the guests writing, drawing responses to various prompts. e-zuka had won this the last two years, so the pressure was on. One prompt was “what should Rodeo Spider’s new single be called?” Shimono cleverly said “Sakana shigoto,” while Kiiyan decided they should cover Radwimps, and said “Zenzenzen-se” (one of the band’s songs from Your Name). When asked what food would be backstage at a Rodeo Spider live, e-zuka guaranteed himself a third consecutive victory by drawing “Nagashi Anpan Man.” (you can see Nagashi somen in action here; and Anpan man you can read about here.) When asked what Rodeo Spider’s new single, ブレス, Breath should sound like, Shimono stole the show with an entire page of “ha ha ha ha ha ha” that he proceeded to pant. (Kiiyan said it was embarrassing) e-zuka’s response was “バルス” (from Laputa), and then Shimono went again, singing a whole song that he made up on the spot. I have no idea how he does it, but he’s so good at it!

In the end, e-zuka won again, although Shimono gave him a run for his money. Afterwards, while Kiiyan and e-zuka were prepping for the live, they gave away some goods. No luck for me, per usual

And then the live. And oh my god … it delivered what I had hoped for and more. First, Kiiyan in Rodeo’s t-shirt and jeans … and glasses and a bowl hair cut wig. And the band cosplayed too! They had borrowed Sakamoto-chan from Fo’xtails, and he was done up as black. And they painted the drummer (who I didn’t recognize) blue and added fins to his head. Kiiyan was carrying e-zuka’s blue ESP guitar, but not really playing, so there was a shadow guitarist (also from Fo’xtails) dressed all in black, with a black veil, playing at the back of the stage. Kiiyan was having so much fun being shy, geeky Rodeo, and playing with the guitar. He was trying out Pete Townshend’s famous windmill technique at one point, which cause him to lose his pick and he had to scramble to pick it back up (how Rodeo of him).

After the first two songs, he told us they had a special guest … his dad. And out came e-zuka in a satiny purple shirt, greyb blazer, black slacks, high-heeled brown boots … and an orange-red wig styled like Masaaki’s hair. Kiiyan referred to him more than once as お父さん, which just made me giggle (especially since e-zuka, er, Masaaki, kept pointing out he was 50). e-zuka was amused at the cosplay on stage, but wanted to know who the mysterious guitar player in the back was. Rodeo/Kiiyan hemmed and hawed, then finally decided it was Kuroko, which cracked everyone up. Kiiyan and e-zuka so hammed it up with the guitar play, which was great!

Rodeo pointed out that their debut single peaked in the 30s on Oricon, doing better than “Granrodeo-senpai’s” first single, which topped out in the 70s. (Ha!) Before the last song, Rodeo dake no uta, Kiiyan ditched the wig and glasses, alas. In true Kiiyan form, he briefly flubbed the lyrics, and in true Rodeo form, he flubbed tossing the pick into the audience at first, but he got it there in the end.

All in all, another fun GuraP event! No new info (they talked about “if there’s a third season), alas. Pics below are from Shinkai, Takao (Fo’xtails) and Granrodeo’s official twitters, and the GR Facebook page.