e-zuka’s “Mi-chan” blog entry

Last summer, e-zuka abruptly stopped blogging, with no explanation. He took a 4 month break, and even then only blogged once a month or so. He was never a prolific blogger, but it was noticeable that he failed to blog about Treasure Candy, Kiiyan’s birthday, Takita’s birthday….

And today he blogged to explain why, and it all but made me cry, reading it first thing in the morning. It turns out that on 6/28/2016, his beloved cat (the one he’s mentioned as part of his family unit on multiple occasions), Mi-chan, passed away at the age of 17. Interesting to note he mentioned the Rainbow Bridge, which I didn’t know was a thing in Japan too. e-zuka thanked Mi-chan for always being there and said he finally feels he can blog again, though slowly.

Ganbare, e-zuka-san!