f08d371cd259a4b5fef988113c290b96_26e5199e3907af7981a865f6279b5dc0Val’s last gig with Granrodeo was this past Sunday, and, unfortunately, because it was a seiyuu event, and not a Granrodeo show, there was no chance for him to say goodbye to fans — or for us to do more than call for him from the audience (and we did, loudly). He thanked fans for their support in his blog entry in the event, and said that there won’t be any future appearances on single or at shows, alas (because his has this thing called “pride”).

Tonight Val joined twitter, and set up an official site. I hope that everyone will follow him and keep up with his work (and his adorable daughter/dog).


Val’s Twitter:  DRUMMER_VAL
Val’s Official Site: 長井 VAL 一郎 OFFICIAL WEBSITE