Granrodeo TV Show #5


Last week’s show featured Hokkaido and had the theme “Marriage.” We got to see Kiiyan chow down on some tasty noodles, but barely hold in the thickest looking tomato juice (which he’s not that fond of to begin with) I’ve ever seen. Per usual they discussed musicians from the prefecture, such as Glay.

That image above comes from the viewer phone in corner. There were three callers this time, all Rodeo Girls. The last two were named Haruka (18) and Minami (20), which, if you’re familiar with KimiNozo is funny by itself (Kuribayashi Minami played Haruka, in case you don’t know). But … Kiiyan managed to royally screw up and call Minami Haruka. And then immediately turned to the camera and told guys that’s the #1 thing they need to remember — to always have the girl’s name in mind.  Amusingly, it was Kiiyan, the unmarried one, who gave out all the advice and e-zuka, who’s been married for 6 years now was mostly quiet. (Kiiyan was also perhaps a tiny bit cutely grumpy about the happily married young folk calling in.)

Three more shows to go!