Anime Times review of Granrodeo TV ep 4

Anime Times put up a sum1464836189_1_16_8fbc2c8ba6dc817dbfecd96b40ffe068mary of last week’s episode and some pics. The theme for last week was “Anything goes!” and the featured city was Nagoya. Kiiyan and e-zuka enjoyed what seemed to be miso katsu on a stick and some other Nagoya goodies. Kiiyan talked a bit about the beauty of Aichi women, and how it seemed to be increasing from year to year.

The first caller was a 19 year old Fukuoka Rodeo G1464836189_1_1_2a18e0fc93071f3a3219f794b23b8a70irl who works in a maid cafe — she was also one of the fan artists whose work was displayed this week. One of the other callers was a 35 year old RG and Kiiyan really perked up … and was a bad, bad boy, asking her about her “night time activities” and how often she has them in a week. And then he got all cutely nervous about the Twitter comments he’d get after that.

They closed out by singing ‘We are the World,” which was quite, quite cute.