Granrodeo TV show, episode 2

This week’s episode followed the same format as last week:  a focus on one of the upcoming tour cities and a telephone corner. The theme of this week’s episode was tabi (journey), prompted, perhaps by the Ro-gumi bus trip this weekend.

Osaka was the city featured this week, and the staff provided snacks, including takoyaki treats (not actual takoyaki), almond mascarpone chocolate and something crunchy and fried that e-zuka described as being like karinto. Snacks which Kiiyan didn’t like at all, and wasn’t able to quite hide his dislike. (And this was after praising last week’s food from Fukuoka.) He needs to learn the fake UMAI that all talentos whip out for these occasions. They barely touched the food, though e-zuka devoured the chocolates.

As before, they talked briefly about the city (Kiiyan’s description of the men and women in Shinsaibashi was rather amusing) and discussed musicians/singers from Osaka, like aiko. Weirdly they didn’t mention L’arc en Ciel at all, arguably the biggest act ever out of Osaka. They discussed the various songs used at Osaka train stations, and the host asked what station should have a Granrodeo song. Kiiyan’s reply was that Minowa station in Tokyo should get 欲望∞.

There were four callers this time. The first one asked Kiiyan about places to go in Yamaguchi. He suggested Hagi (an old samurai town in western Yamaguchi). And he apparently couldn’t remember the name of Motonosumi Shrine, so he waved his arms about to describe the 120+ red torii leading to the shrine, accompanied by a lot of R trilling.

Can’t recall what the next caller asked about, but it was amusing that it was obviously a Rodeo Boy, but he felt the need to say he was a guy. And he cracked them up when they asked how much he worked (he’d said he wasn’t a student, but a member of the work force) and he must’ve misunderstood, because he said 10 minutes.

The third caller told them she had lived in Malta as an exchange student, prompting more R trilling from Kiiyan, as he said things like “PEPPERRRRRRRONCINI.” He also remarked that he thought Italian men were amazing.

Between calls, the host gently poked Kiiyan about his fear of flying, prompting an explosion of “BAKA BAKA BAKAs,” though he clearly wanted to say “F— you.” Poor Kiiyan.

The last caller was a Rodeo Girl who’s coming to the bus trip this weekend to Naeba, but her friends are giving her a bad time about going some place only old folks go. (Guess Naeba is not a youthful resort.)