Granrodeo TV Show, ep 1 summary/screencaps

Thursday’s first show was essentially an intro to the show’s theme, plus a focus on Fukuoka (yay!) and a “Granrodeo nama no denwa sodan” corner (Granrodeo live telephone advice corner). It was cute, amusing and a little bit awkward, because no one really did figure out how to cleanly cut to commercial, or come back, which led to Kiiyan being a dork on multiple occasions. But oh the priceless faces he made….

The host is a young man that Kiiyan immediately started calling Shingo-chan. And, as you might have guessed, he didn’t stand a chance against these two. Poor kid. They talked a bit about Trash Candy (and played the video), and then moved on to the tour, Treasure Candy. They spent quite a bit of time talking about Fukuoka:  the food, the entertainers from here, the city’s history (at least as regards the Kuroda Clan). I love listening to Kiiyan talk about Fukuoka, because it’s so obvious he likes it here (made me really smile to hear him talking about Tenjin, my main stomping ground).

They brought out some Fukuoka food — deep fried nonkotsu (chicken cartilage — an absolute favorite of mine), karinto, something I didn’t catch, and what appeared to be croquettes filled (to Kiiyan’s dismay) with mentaiko mayo. Kiiyan loved the nonkotsu, but shied away from the mentaiko-flavor. e-zuka referred to the taste sampling as something of a Russian Roulette (heh). A plate of umeboshi (pickled plums) were brought out. Kiiyan famously doesn’t like pickled things, and refused to try them. e-zuka said they were just ordinary tasting.

They talked for a bit about Mentai Rock — musicians from Fukuoka. Never heard the scene here called that before. It’s an amusing term!

They took two calls during the advice corner. I didn’t really catch the subject of either, particularly since the first caller didn’t understand about feedback, so some horrible sounds came from her phone throughout the call.  They did talk about Kiiyan’s taste in food:  his favorite (filet steak), least fave (umeboshi), but also that he doesn’t like cilantro. The second caller … prompted e-zuka to dub himself the “Nerima gigolo.”

Kiiyan’s glasses, as you can see from the pic below where he was scratching his eye THROUGH the frames, were fake, no lenses.

The show was fun, and I look forward to watching them eat and be silly each week!






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