Mr. Tambourine Man 527

527a527bThis week’s Mr. Tambourine Man starts off with Kiiyan talking about the new Hokkaido shinkansen, which just opened this past Saturday. It takes around 4 hours to get from Tokyo to Hakodate on the new line, and given Kiiyan then talks about scary plane rides, you just know he’s considering taking the train up for the summer Sapporo gigs.

He then wishes Val-tan a happy birthday and moves into letters. The first letter is from a woman who’s just broken up with her boyfriend and wants advice about forgetting him. Kiiyan ends up quoting from 愛のWarrior.

Next up is someone who is curious what white wines Kiiyan would recommend. He apparently only gets white wine by the glass, though.

The last letter is from a 17 year old who wants to talk about Kiiyan’s oshiri (rear end) in the bouldering (wall climbing) video he did with Kawada Shinji for the latest Mr. Tambourine Man djcd. He talks about having a wedgie (see below) and that his rear is both ossan no ketsu (old man butt) and biketsu (beautiful butt). He estimates that in ladies’ bra sizes, his beautiful rear is an E-cup….

(Thanks to Carli for insight into some of the things he was talking about this week!)