Mr. Tambourine Man 518 & 519

354d46d7cf884d0c6832a69abbd39aaa_main_1In episode 518, Kiiyan starts out by bringing up the 1/31 Paradise Heaven 10th anniversary show with Saiga Mitsuki, Konishi Katsuyuki, Kiiyan and Tsubasa Yonaga.

And then he spends most of the episode talking about the picture below, taken in Tamagawa. He wraps up with a single418a listener letter.

In the next episode, Kiiyan reads a couple of listener letters. The second is from a 19 year old, and Kiiyan muses on how 19 is a good age (he even refers to it in English) because you’re really neither an adult or a child, but in between the two.

He talks again about being a fan of Calbee chips, and talks about consomme, take no ko (bamboo shoot) and kinako flavors. (Those latter two are available in Hokkaido only, apparently.) He also talks about liking karamucho, Meiji milk chocolate (we see what you’ll be getting for Valentine’s, Kiiyan!419a) and mentaiko.

His answer to the second letter has him talking about choosing your favorite in a group of people — and we find out he likes Arashi’s Nino and SMAP’s KimuTaku.