Rising Moon Tour goods

The tour’s official site announced the goods today:

  • Wristband 2 piece set — ¥1,200
  • Uamibou 3 piece set (cheese, corn potage, mentaiko flavors) — ¥300
  • Muffler towel (available starting at the 2/11 Osaka show) —  ¥2,000
  • RMB tour luggage tag (one piece) — ¥300
  • And more!











Tour dates and locations can be found here. This past week, Fo’xtails was announced as the opening act for the 2/7 Shizuoka show! There will be something special for the Valentines Day show in Hiroshima, and both the Fukuoka and Fukushima shows will have after parties (details to be announced later).