Mr. Tambourine Man 515

515b Kiiyan starts 2016’s shows off by wishing everyone a cheerful happy new year! Then apologizes for finishing up eating something, which moves into talking about food (consomme is delicious, he says). And we find out he’s eating Calbee nori-shio (seaweed-salt chips, so tasty!) every day, even though he knows they’re bad for him.

He briefly mentions the countdown live, then moves on to read letters from three different listeners. No idea what the first f515aan, who hails from Toyama, was asking about, but it led to Kiiyan saying chin-chin and chinko a lot (no bleeping) and being amusingly embarrassed about it. The other two listeners were 15 and 16, causing him to call them –chan (so cute). The last one asks him what kind of woman he likes, and we find out he likes short hair styles (literally ショートカット / short cut), women who have sweet voices, laugh and get excited (waku waku) from time to time.