Ro-gumi top 10 Granrodeo songs

For the 10th anniversary Fan Club shows, Ro-gumi members were asked to vote on the songs they wanted to hear. We could pick just one song (so hard to do!) from any of the 107 songs recorded by Granrodeo, including instrumentals and covers. And here’s the top 10, which is radically different from what my own top 10 would be. Very interesting to see what other fans like.

Kiiyan was definitely intrigued by the number of “B side” or coupling songs in the list (mistake, Beat It, Love!, 紫炎, ブランニューDAY).

10.  GRIND
09.  未完成のGUILTY “style GR”
08.  mistake
07.  ブランニューDAY
05.  LAST SMILE (tie)
05.  僕と君の間 (tie)
04.  silent DESIRE
03.  Beat It, Love!
02.  甘い痛みは幻想の果てに
01. 紫炎