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Shamelessly taken directly from my Tumblr bullet point reports!


Day one was awesome, of course!

We were second row standing, pretty much dead center. Great, except for getting squished and ending up wearing the sweat of everyone around us.

Opening song was We wanna R&R show. Last song was Can Do. 19 other songs in between, including Bararai and Ima saki yori. Nice mix of old and new.

The premium sections were really nice, with seats and a front row view of the stage for some. Better then our standing, definitely. And filled with lovely, happy young women. They got a fair amount of attention, but not as much as I expected.

We had a cute, cheeky cameraman working the front before the show. He did get us up on screen a few times, though not my cleavage, thankfully. However … he purposefully recorded Nancy and I singing along with a remix of Koi oto, grinning from ear to ear as he did it. Between him and the various other cameras during the show, Lantis again has tons of footage of us.

Kiiyan cried multiple times, though subtly. Caught him at it during Happy Life, and both he and e-zuka cried during Ima yori saki.

Awesome dancers for Bararai and the medley they played.

Acoustic delight song … kyaaaaaa!!!

Kiiyan and e-zuka were wheeled around on carts during the medley.

Before the show, we did the purikura, drooled over the costumes and watched Roger do karaoke with a fan. So cute!

There are multiple flower arrangements from foreign fans. Makes me happy to see that!


Rodeo Decade day two bullet points~

First up was buying goods … the bag charm sold out two people in front of me, about a half hour into the sale. Argh.

Second was dropping off the kaigai present … which is when I noticed a present box for Firehorns, the three piece horn unit that played with the guys at Y.W.F. Woo!

Third, despite it being not even 11, there was the Happy Life drink above, orange juice with cassis liquour. Yum.

Fourth … being at the back of the standing area rocked. Clear view of Kiiyan and maybe 30 feet, if that, from the hanamichi stage.

Almost the first thing I noticed when we got in there was the cute photographer from the first day. He was on the other side of the hanamichi when I saw him. Mentioned him to Nancy, looked back, and there he was on the other side of the barrier, maybe 5 feet away, camera on me. I smiled, waved, laughed … and still he focused on me. So I grabbed Nancy and he talked to us in good English, though I forget exactly what he said, other than thank you after. But … I whipped my glasses off, we grinned and, ah, the two RG to either side made a frame of their hands around my cleavage, basically. So as I jokingly tweeted after, “life goal unlocked: cleavage on the big screen at G10.” One of my roomies from the FC event last year immediately texted me about seeing me on the monitor. Heh.

Same opening as yesterday … including a wonderful montage video … with one lovely closeup of Kiiyan’s crotch in motion from Rock Instinct. They kept a lot of the same songs, but worked others in. We knew Punky Funky Love would be there, since we heard it during soundcheck. But they also played Nichijou Horizon, which made me happy.

Today’s medley featured Firehorns, and kicked serious ass: Brush the Scar Lemon, shinka to daraku no nigenron (which I thought I’d NEVER hear live again. I think I was delirious with joy), shake the fake, wonder color and back to Brush. Incredible!

Koi oto … Kiiyan’s voice broke near the end, the only obvious sign of tears today.

The acoustic … Kiiyan came out first and waved not only to the arena crowd, but to all of us at the back of the standing. After they sat down, he kept reaching back for a towel to dry his hair (he had cute hedgehog hair, with the combo of sweat and product), and once, he turned his head slightly and gave the standing back rows one of those supernova smiles of his. Cue squeals from most of us (myself included), and a veritable cloud of estrogen….

I missed the first part of their conversation, but snapped to attention when Kiiyan said “Granrodeo tabehodai.” (All you can eat. My brain went inappropriate places, oh yes.)

Snow Pallet! Hopefully the cameras caught all.of us behind the hanamichi doing the hand gestures.

Today e-zuka messed up the beginning to Hengen jizai acoustic and made them start over. Kiiyan rolled of his chair while waiting for Zukachu to tune. All we could see were his sneakers.

They came back out on the hanamichi for Go with It. And today they finally called for those who had been at the first one man live back in 2007.

They made a super quick circuit of the arena on the carts for Can Do. Closer this time was Beautiful World, with the dancers and Firehorns.

When he was almost off the stage, Kiiyan got unwired, stripped his shirt off, came back out and tossed it into the audience. Woo!

Random bits

There were at least three Rodeo Boys in bikinis. Joy Mix (not Joy Max Poko – the guy who cosplays like Joy, but with a pink ‘fro wig) and another guy had on the GR leopard print bra tops. A third RB, bless him, had a nice actual bikini top on, with guy swim trunks. We all roared our approval when they flashed him on the big screen.

Each set of premium seats had their own free bar (female bar tenders) and it was cute to see the bartenders getting into it whenever Kiiyan or e-zuka made it that far to the side of the stage.

More body variability in the premium seats on day two. And one girl didn’t have on a bikini – she had a one piece, with a longer skirt than had been asked for. e-zuka’s side of the stage was filled with smokin’ hot RG who really knew how to move. Not sure if it was the alcohol or they just really enjoyed being up there or both, but they were definitely nice eye candy for all.

Kiiyan getting into the coreography with the dancers on Bararai was freakin’ adorable. And his giant, very red feather boa that he came out in was awesome.

He was whirling around during the intro to Once and Forever, and the long vest he had on for the first outfit entangled him briefly, so when he grabbed the mic to start singing, he was a little discombobulated. But he recovered quickly.

Day 1 – hearing e-zuka talk about meeting Takita 30 years ago at music school and how Takita was the first blond he met. (dang, Erossan’s been dying his hair as long as I have, at least). Day 2 he called Erossan “sempai.”

Both days during the acoustic set, Kiiyan pointed out that in the studio, it’s just he and e-zuka, the two of them. But on stage, Granrodeo’s the 4 of them. ♥♥♥

Takita had a new fox tail on his bass, grey this time.

I can’t share the pic (yes, I’m a horrible tease), but the four of them crammed into one of the purikura booths on Friday before the shows and did a couple of shots. O.M.G. mahou shoujo Kiiyan! He looks 12, wide-eyed and innocent, with a baby’s smooth, glowing skin. Oh the magic of purikura.

The pamphlet weirded me out a bit, because the last section, full of comments and congratulations from friends, coworkers, etc. was called “Farewell Granrodeo.” I’m sure they meant like “well wishes,” but … yeah.

We got another show-specific GuraP ep, with RodeO and GuraP at a GR live after the encore. GuraP gets their first single name (Go for It!) wrong … something or other Kani (Crab), and he insists on calling out Encore (En-co-ru the way he said it), and then animated GR came out and played … something or other Kani. XDDD  Up front, we all started calling out En-co-RU” the way GuraP did, but the arena kept doing the GRAN / RODEO response. Heh.

GuraP also introduced the medley (and had his own comment in the Farewell section)

The Rock Instinct puppets were in the back of the union jack mini used for the G9 opening – GuraP was on the side of the car (the car, plus the skeleton and coffin from the recent store were in the middle of the circle formed by the stage costumes).

Flowers – SuzuKen, Breakerz and FLOW sent flowers, plus Mr. Tambourine Man, Bandai Channel, E.S.P. guitars, eplus ticketing, Family Mart (heh!), Parco department stores, Animax, B=Pass magazine, plus a bunch of other industry folks. And at the very end were the 4 or 5 arrangements from foreign fans, including one ginormous one that had to cost a fortune. We’re pretty certain some of them were from Taiwanese fans, if not all of them. It made me really happy to see them there.

Speaking of E.S.P., they had 10 models of the GR Decade guitar model made for e-zuka. At 700,000 yen per model. They sold SIX of them at the shows.

Before each show, 2 djs from the remix album were busy playing remixes (which is what we were singing along to on day 1).

The Joysound booth was giving away autographs to anyone who could score over 93 on a song. We’re pretty sure we heard at least 2 women win, one each day.

At some point, Roger was led to a purikura booth too … and it could only manage to get his nose into focus. PFFFFT.

Roger and Gina also apparently stopped by the E.S.P. booth and were trying out the guitars.

I usually curse Lantis for their poor planning skills, but other than being idjits about getting the standing line in order, they did a good job. They had lots of cashiers, and if you didn’t want to buy, and just wanted to hang out in the other side of the hall, you could. By avoiding the really long goods line on Saturday, we got in stopping by the LMart booth, E.S.P. booth, watching Roger do karaoke with a guy (kinda), the purikura and take pics of the costumes before there was a long line. It worked out really well.

Saturday there were two other obvious foreigners there – a guy and a girl sporting Kurobasuke goods. They seemed perplexed about the process for getting in, and if a nice staffer hadn’t sorted them out, I was about to hop out of the bathroom line and see if I could help.