Two year end Budokan events!


Two Granrodeo events, both to take place at the Budokan, were announced for 12/31/15.

Part One
The Rodeo Club TV show will celebrate Granrodeo’s 10th anniversary with a special show! The event’s name will be announced on the first episode of the new season.
Doors open: 16:00
Curtain: 17:00
Ticket:  ¥ 6,480 (tax included)
* 3 years of age or older pay
There will be no Fan Club lottery for this event; the official site says to apply with the application in 「DECADE OF GR」.
Part Two
Doors open: 21:00
Curtain: 22:00
Tickets: ¥ 8,500 (tax included)
*No preschoolers
*Because of the late night, attendees under 15 must be accompanied by an adult and attendees under 20 need written parental consent
The first chance at tickets comes with 「DECADE OF GR」, followed by the Fan Club and the mobile site. But preference for tickets appears to be Fan Club, mobile and 「DECADE OF GR」.