Still trying to play catch-up. Here’s what I wrote over on Tumblr for the two shows. Should be able to write up the GuraP show once I’m home, and be back on track.


So, so proud of my boys – 10 years! I certainly had no idea way back in 2005 when it was announced that Kiiyan would be forming a band that they’d still be around, still amazing, and such a big part of my life. So much love for them and their music, and so glad to see not just fans out in force to support them, but their fellow musicians and seiyuu too.

  • Kiiyan’s primary outfit was of the “oh my god my eyes are bleeding” variety. They should’ve played wonder color just for it. e-zuka was little better (and he was in Versace, no less – though that may have been just his shoes and socks). Their collaboration outfits – black and red – were so much better.
  • The set lists, with the exception of the new single (and Mesmerize), skewed old. In some cases really old. I hadn’t heard Silhouette since the Happy Rodeo Life tour, CANNONBALL not since Y.W.F. … and I can’t remember when I last heard Passion. I was bouncing like mad when I realized they were launching into CANNONBALL. Such an awesome live song.
  • Folks around us seemed to be newer fans on day two, when the aforementioned older songs were played. It felt a bit odd that these songs didn’t get the energy I would’ve expected (well, CANNONBALL), since everyone has mp3s, no…?
  • 2nd day, there were what appeared to be a pair of moms and their sons (late teens/early 20s?) two rows in front of us. Adorable. The moms were really into all the acts, moreso than the boys.
  • In true Kiiyan style, he flubbed the lyrics to New World on day one. When the vocals switched over to Koshi, he dropped down and just grinned and shook his head.
  • On day two, he nailed New World, but came in too early on one verse for Silhouette. He stopped, sheepishly apologized and picked back up where he should’ve come in.
  • メモリーズ and 日常ホライズン were both awesome live, of course. Loooove Kiiyan’s wordless vocalizing for the latter. 僕だけの歌 was super cute. He commented how nervous he was singing this one live – but no flubs.
  • Kiiyan was very, very high tension both days, making for a super bouncy Kiiyan. He was very, very well-behaved, though.
  • Talking was at a minimum, which is to say they only talked for a few minutes and not at length. Heh.
  • Kiiyan almost forgot to read the news for day one, which included the “making of” dvd being available in the CD/DVD booth, the “best of” CD and the Fan Club event. And when he talked about the DVD … I guess Daigo is rubbing off on him because he decided DVD stood for “Domestic Violence …” (none of us can remember the second D word, but I do remember going “Dame desu!” at what he said.
  • Kiiyan also thanked fans in English for supporting GR. His “Thank you very much” was adorable.
  • Day one, Kiiyan introduced Val as a lolicon again. XDD
  • Day two, they talked about Takita biking to an event, and showing up with his vest inside out, which led the female staffers to fuss over him to fix it.
  • Kiiyan really was beyond cute with both Daigo and Mamo. I wish all three could’ve been together on stage. And I’ve no idea what he was talking about at the time, but at one point, he had most of Flow doubled over in laughter.
  • And … Kiiyan is eagle-eyed. Heh. My friendthought he had found us during the Flow collab on day one (we were 7th row), and I was dubious. But … right before 僕だけの歌” I turned to her and asked “It’s not my imagination he keeps looking this way, is it?” (because he was, a lot) And then … in the middle of that song, he came over the our side of the stage, stopped right at the beginning of our aisle (I was in the first seat of our row), pointed and waved. He sang for a bit, then waved again and went back to the center. Talk about your warm, happy fuzzies. ^__^