Mr. Tambourine Man 482


This week’s episode is again from the Yokohama Mr. Tambourine Man events.

Kiiyan talks a bit about the recent tour, then shows the picture he took while they were going across the Great Seto Bridge (a very long, high bridge that connects Okayama prefecture with the island of Shikoku). He took this picture out of the bus, which gives him an opportunity to proudly show off his garakei cell phone.

We fiKiiyannd out that Kiiyan likes cloudy days (he takes a poll of the audience to see if they prefer sunny, cloudy or rainy, but without seeing the show of hands, impossible to tell the responses) and that he has a “scenery fetish.” Heh.

He wraps up with a letter from a 17 year old from Kumamaoto.
Kiiyan482c Kiiyan