Kiiyan talking about Valentine’s Day

Daily Music asked a few artists their thoughts on Valentines Day/White Day. Kiiyan’s is … rather droll. Here’s a very (very) loose translation:

Talk Theme: Memories of Valentines/White Day

KISHOW – Why are there always questions like this for Valentines Day? I think the truth is… Because I wasn’t very popular, rather than hating Valentines Day, why require such an event? It’s somewhat irritating. To the extent that I think about it, I don’t have any memories. So from now, let’s make some interesting Valentines’ memories.

e−ZUKA – Ha ha ha ha ha (laughing).

KISHOW – Come to think of it, did you know that the White Day return gift was originally a pie? Isn’t White Day March 14th? So, 3.14 = Pi = π = pie.

e−ZUKA – I see. Because「Punky Funky Love」is like a chocolate CM, certainly. (laughing).