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Animate would like to liven things up a bit  for the next installment of the Mr. Tambourine Man DJCDs. So they’re looking for fans to write in to Kiiyan~

「Kishou and the Wild Idea Battle!」

In your email, you must include the following:

  • Subject:  谷山紀章DJCD投稿
  • ペンネーム: (Pen Name:)
  • 血液型: (Blood Type:)
  • 職業: (Occupation:)
  • Answers to the following questions:
  1. What animal do you compare yourself to?
  2. “A date with your boyfriend after a long absence,” “a discussion with a desperate friend,” “relatives gather to celebrate your grandmother’s 88th birthday” are all on the same day Which do you give priority to?
  3. What words do you want said to you in the middle of sex?
  4. What part of a man do you find appealing (fetish)?
  5. Other than on a bed or futon, where have you had sex?
  6. What’s your favourite position?
  • And attach a selfie to the email.

Presumably they’d like the responses in Japanese.

Emails must be received by 10/4.