Granrodeo Fan Club Acoustic Lives!

Team Rodeo just announced a pair of special acoustic lives to be held in the Kanagawa Kemin Hall on 10/20/13.

2013 GRANRODEO Acoustics ロクデナシ!! プラグナシ!!

(ロクデナシ = Good for nothing guys, プラグナシ = No plugs; one can only guess e-zuka is to blame for the name!)

First show is at 14:00, second show is at 18:30. Both are scheduled to last about 2 hours.

Kiiyan and e-zuka will be joined by Takita-san and Val-san, PLUS a percussionist, a pianist, an organist, and a string section!


Event:  2013 GRANRODEO Acoustics ロクデナシ!! プラグナシ!!
Venue:  Kanagawa Kemin Hall
Date:  10/20/13
Time:  14:00 & 18:30 JST