Young Guitar, June 2019

The upcoming issue of Young Guitar will contain an interview with e-zuka about the new album. Accompanying the interview will be a special guitar score + playing analysis for one of the new songs, Jump and Pump. Details Magazine:  Young Guitar Issue:  June 2019 Release Date:  5/10/2019 Price:  980 yen

Young Guitar 05/2019 issue

「ヴァラエティ豊かな内容で超強力なアルバム。今のところ手応えはかなりありますよ〜! 乞うご期待!」(e-ZUKA)ヤング・ギター5月号には、来月発売予定のGRANRODEO新作『FAB LOVE』の国内レコーディング1日密着レポを掲載!詳細: 購入: — YOUNG GUITAR【8月号『TUBE』大特集】 (@young_guitar) April 11, 2019 There’s an interview with e-zuka about the in-Japan recording for the upcoming FAB LOVE album. Details Release Date:  April 10, 2019 Price:  980円

Young Guitar 11/2018

  November’s issue of Young Guitar will have an interview with e-zuka regarding the upcoming 『M・S COWBOYの逆襲』 release. Details Item:  Young Guitar Issue:  11/2018 Release Date:  10/10/2018 Price:  980 yen

Punky Funky Love media

From the official Web site: [Magazine/free paper] YOUNG GUITAR <January 10 release> (e-ZUKA interview) CD & DL data <January 14 sale>  Anikan FREE <issued January 16> okmusic UP’s <issued January 20> Pick-upVoice <January 26 sale> B = PASS <issued January 27> Voice Animage Plus 2015 <February 6 issue> Animage <issued February 10> [Web site]  Natalie … More Punky Funky Love media

Young Guitar 12/14

The December edition of Young Guitar will have a special report on the MI Japan GIT Masters 2014 competition, for which e-zuka is a judge.