TV Life Bakumatsu Rock live write-up

The write-up, set list for the day show and lots of pics can be found here. Day set list: 01 RIDE ON THE WAVE 02 What’s this? 03 ハチノジディストーション 04 群青を射す光 05 生きてゆこう 06 残響 -feedback- 07 宙ノ翼 08 Crash My Head 09 絶頂SPIRAL 10 黒曜蝶 11 暁のFreebird 12 不完全パズル 13 xxxing 14 五色繚乱 En1 絶頂DAYBREAK

Bakumatsu Rock Ultra Soul (超超絶頂★雷舞) live details

Date: 2/13/16 Venue: Yokohama Pacifico Doors Open:  13:00 / 17:00 Show Time:  14:00 / 18:00 Tickets come in two varieties: VIP (10,000 yen, tax included) and general (6,900 yen, tax included) First ticket lottery: Runs 10/13 ~ 11/23. Users who buy and download the full Ultra Souls IOS/Android game pack (parts 1-6) will get a chance … More Bakumatsu Rock Ultra Soul (超超絶頂★雷舞) live details

Corda event

Kiiyan will be joining other members of the Jinnan school cast for two shows at the Yokohama Pacifico on July 25th, 13:30 and 18:00. Currently tickets are available only to Gamecity Premium members (special tour package lottery right now, general member lottery on May 8th). General sale is June 27th.