Granrodeo returning to Tokyo FM

4月よりレギュラーラジオ、TOKYO FM「GRANRODEOのまだまだハートに火をつけて」が放送いたします!15周年イヤーに関する最新情報もいち早くお届けしていきます。お楽しみに! 毎週火曜 21:00~21:30【初回放送は4月7日(火)】#GRANRODEO #GR15TH #ハト火 — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) March 25, 2020 Details Show:  GRANRODEOのまだまだハートに火をつけて Date/Time:  Thursdays, 21:00~21:30, starting 4/7 Website:

Tokyo FM “The Quarter”

This time around, Kiiyan and e-zuka discuss their favourite Western vocal performances. Kiiyan picks Judas Priest’s Rob Halford singing “Johnny B. Goode,” while e-zuka picks George Benson singing “This Masquerade.” The full transcript can be found here.

The Quarter, first two episodes

The interviews that go with the first two episodes have e-zuka and Kiiyan making their selections for songs (Western and Japanese) to represent the out-going Heisei era. For Western, Kiiyan picked 「Virtual Insanity」by Jamiroquai and e-zuka picked 「Human Behavior」by Bjork. And for Japanese, Kiiyan picked 「エイリアンズ」(キリンジ) (Aliens, by Kirinji) and e-zuka selected「激愛」(長渕剛) (Super Love, by … More The Quarter, first two episodes


To celebrate Lantis’ 20th anniversary, four of their artists will be taking over a Tokyo FM time slot — 「THE QUARTER」– with Granrodeo up first. For three months, starting April 2nd, 「GRANRODEOのまたまたハートに火をつけて」will air at 25:00 on Wednesday mornings. 「THE QUARTER」will have extra smartphone content, a “director’s cut” of the show available for one week after … More 「GRANRODEOのまたまたハートに火をつけて」radio!

Jack in the Radio appearances

Kiiyan and e-zuka will join MUCC’s lead singer Tatsuro on his weekly radio show, Jack in the Radio 11/14 and 11/21/2018. Details Show:  Jack in the Radio Dates:  11/14/2018, 11/21/2018 @ 25:00~25:30 Station:  Tokyo FM (radiko can be used to listen) Source:

May-June Media

The official website has updated with the magazines, television and radio appearances for Granrodeo for the next month. PRINT 「Seiyuu Animedia」(5/9, June issue) 「Animedia」(5/10, June issue) 「Guitar Magazine」(5/13, June issue) 「CD&DL Data」(5/14, June issue) 「アニカンFREE」(5/15) 「okmusic UP’s」(5/20) 「Pick-up Voice」(5/26) 「B=PASS」(5/27) 「Nikkei Entertainment」(6/4, July issue) 「Animage」(6/10, July issue) 「Voice Animage 2015 SUMMER」(6/25) RADIO TOKYO FM「GRANRODEOのもっともハートに火をつけて」(Fridays, 17:00~17:25) … More May-June Media