New Sugisaki Kazuya drama CD from Velvet Voice

Look forward to the forbidden relationship between you and him. 「妻帯者と私」 「The Married Man and I」 Dangerous and sweet, the relationship bewteen you and him is–…? Sugisaki Kazuya will be voicing a new R-18 drama CD for Velvet Voice, this time in their Velvet Voice Bouquet series. He will playing a married man with whom … More New Sugisaki Kazuya drama CD from Velvet Voice

R18 role for Kiiyan!

No details, but Kiiyan tweeted that he’d encountered his R18 alter ego, Sugisaki Kazuya, today … and what a pervert that guy is. 今日は久しぶりに杉崎和哉さんに会って来たよ。ドスケベだなあいつ — 谷山紀章 (@kishownstarmaps) March 8, 2016

Velvet Voice “Kare Pillow” Twitter Campaign

Participate in Velvet Voice’s on-going Twitter campaign or a chance to win Sugisaki Kazuya’s autograph! The campaign will take place twice: 2/3/14 – 2/26/14 2/27/14 – 3/26/14 During that time, follow the Velvet Voice Twitter account, @VelvetVoiceINFO (you must follow them, as they will contact the winner via Direct Message), and tweet something with (at least) the … More Velvet Voice “Kare Pillow” Twitter Campaign

Kare Pillow cover & track list

From the Velvet Voice twitter feed, the track list: 1 ホテルに連れ込まれ……「ちょっと休んでく?」 (Brought to a Hotel…. “Shall we rest a little?”) 2 仲直りH「俺の声、好きなんだろ?」 (Reconciliation H: “You like my voice, don’t you?”) 3 ピロートーク「お前以外の女に欲情なんてしねぇ」 (Pillow Talk: “I don’t crave any woman but you”) 4 家まで見送り「また明日な」 (Seeing you home: “See you tomorrow”)