Win Kiiyan’s autograph

/USENリクエスト 大好評御礼🎉ハッシュタグキャンペーン開催決定‼️\1⃣@IParahosとUSEN HITS!(@USEN_HITS)をフォロー2⃣街中でNIGHT OF FIRE(歌:皇烈生)を聴いたら #USENでNIGHTOFFIRE聴いたよ と #パラホス をつけてツイート 抽選で1名様に #谷山紀章 さんサイン入りポスターをプレゼント‼️ — パラホス Official (@IParahos) September 24, 2020 To win a signed poster, follow the official ParaHos and USEN Twitter feeds and tweet that you’ve listened to Kiiyan’s character song, NIGHT OF FIRE with these two hashtags:  #USENでNIGHTOFFIRE聴いたよ & #パラホス.

Fuji TV 2 to give away 5 signed t-shirts

Fuji TV 2, which will be broadcasting the Ube Gaisen show live on August 11th and rerunning it on August 17th, will be giving away five autographed event t-shirts to viewers who tweet their thoughts during the broadcast. The following rules apply: Follow the official Twitter account Use the following hashtag: #GRANRODEO生中継 Tweet within an hour … More Fuji TV 2 to give away 5 signed t-shirts

Dies Irae twitter campaign

Right now the DMM twitter feed is holding a “follow and retweet” campaign with an autographed character board as the prize. To enter, follow their account and retweet one of its Dies Irae tweets. Details Event:  Twitter campaign Prize:  Dies Irae cast autographs Twitter:  @DMM  

Parado makeup retweet campaign

♡フォロー&RTでプレゼント♡♡第2弾 谷山紀章さん♡ このアカウントをフォロー&このツイートをRTしてくださった方の中から、抽選で5名様に谷山紀章さんのサイン入り「パラドゥ メイクセット」をプレゼント! #パラドゥメイクルーム #セブンイレブン — 『パラドゥ メイクルーム』公式 (@parado_MR) January 18, 2018 Follow the @parado_MR twitter account and retweet the tweet above for a chance at goods signed by Kiiyan. Details Event:  Twitter campaign (follow @parado_MR and retweet) Prize:  Parado makeup set signed by Kiiyan # of Winners:  5 Deadline:  2/28/2018 @ 23:59 JST

Win a signed Piedan tour pamphlet

TBS is giving away signed Pierrot Dancin’ tour pamphlets to three lucky fans. Details Item:  Signed tour pamphlet (3) Form: Entry Dates:  after the first airing (~9/23/217 @ 2:30) until 10/10/2017 URL;

Kin’iro no Corda 2ff twitter campaign

The official Corda account is running a 2ff twitter campaign through October 12th, giving away autographs from the main seiyuu. To win, follow the account (corda_official) and retweet it during the campaign period. Each week features different seiyuu. Kiiyan, Fukuyama Jun and Konishi Katsuyuki are featured the fourth week of the campaign. Details Event:  Twitter … More Kin’iro no Corda 2ff twitter campaign

M-On signed poster giveaway

To mark their airing of G10, M-On is giving away 3 signed posters to M-On viewers. You must live in Japan, and you must be watching M-On to enter the lottery. The entry form can be found here. Details Entry Deadline:  9/6/2017 @ 23:59 JST URL: