New song!

裏ロデを更新しました! 「新曲レコーディング!」 #GRANRODEO #ろ組 #裏ロデ — ロデオ組 公式 (@TEAMRODEO0701) December 5, 2019 e-ZUKA, Takita and SHiN recorded the instrumentals to a new song today. Hopefully more news soon!

Los Angeles recording report

GRANRODEO 8th Album "FAB LOVE" L.A. Recording Report 公開!初の海外レコーディングとなった「Take it easy」「JUNK-YARD DOG」の、L.A.レコーディング密着レポートを、本日よりアルバム特設サイト内にて公開!ぜひチェックしてみてください!!#GRANRODEO #FABLOVE — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) May 14, 2019 A short report, written by a reporter for Young Guitar magazine, and with commentary by e-zuka, has been posted to the official Granrodeo website. It covers their two days of recording at Capitol Records studio … More Los Angeles recording report

In the recording studio

Monday (rhythm tracks) and Tuesday (vocals) saw Granrodeo in the recording studio. Given that Kiiyan mentioned Sunday that Granrodeo has a new tie-up coming soon, we can hope this is an OP for a summer show.

KenPro filming, day 2

Apparently they had a bit too much to drink yesterday, and are hungover, but day two goes on anyhow! Pics from the KenPro twitter feed, Anri Katsu’s personal twitter and Hayashi Yu’s personal twitter.

KenPro filming

Kiiyan, Hayashi Yuu and Anri Katsu are busy filming something for KenPro today, presumably for the KenPRock Fes release.

Recording session

No details yet, but e-zuka, Kiiyan and Takita participated in a recording session on 4/13/17. Could a new single be coming soon?