OK Music interview

OK Music has a a two page interview with Kiiyan and e-zuka about the songs on Pierrot Dancin’ wherein we learn e-zuka was inspired by Adam Ant for the music for FAT SHAPER … and Kiiyan was drunk when he wrote the lyrics (which apparently draws inspiration from Guy de Maupassant). (The interviewer expressed concern for … More OK Music interview

35,000 attendees/viewers for Treasure Candy tour

Multiple sites, including OK Music, reported that the total live and live viewing attendees for the Treasure Candy tour came to 35,000 people. Though it’s not mentioned in the article, it’s worth noting that multiple venues, including Namba Hatch, Zepp Nagoya and Drum Logos in Fukuoka were oversold by 200-300 people per show. In other words, … More 35,000 attendees/viewers for Treasure Candy tour

OK Music interview

OK Music has an interview up with Kiiyan and e-zuka about the upcoming 『DECADE OF GR』 release. Tidbits include: discovering that 「バラライ」, in addition to being a fun song, has its inspiration in jazz and Frank Sinatra (plus the homage to Soul Train with the opening narration) the other new song is apparently a ballad … More OK Music interview

May-June Media

The official website has updated with the magazines, television and radio appearances for Granrodeo for the next month. PRINT 「Seiyuu Animedia」(5/9, June issue) 「Animedia」(5/10, June issue) 「Guitar Magazine」(5/13, June issue) 「CD&DL Data」(5/14, June issue) 「アニカンFREE」(5/15) 「okmusic UP’s」(5/20) 「Pick-up Voice」(5/26) 「B=PASS」(5/27) 「Nikkei Entertainment」(6/4, July issue) 「Animage」(6/10, July issue) 「Voice Animage 2015 SUMMER」(6/25) RADIO TOKYO FM「GRANRODEOのもっともハートに火をつけて」(Fridays, 17:00~17:25) … More May-June Media

Punky Funky Love media

From the official Web site: [Magazine/free paper] YOUNG GUITAR <January 10 release> (e-ZUKA interview) CD & DL data <January 14 sale>  Anikan FREE <issued January 16> okmusic UP’s <issued January 20> Pick-upVoice <January 26 sale> B = PASS <issued January 27> Voice Animage Plus 2015 <February 6 issue> Animage <issued February 10> [Web site]  Natalie … More Punky Funky Love media

OK Music “Punky Funky Love” interview

OK Music has an interview  (Japanese only) up with Kiiyan and e-zuka regarding the new single. They talk about their influences for the songs, and hopes for their 10th year. Particularly amusing was the interviewer telling Kiiyan that female fans seem rather taken with his sweet, high tone on 「追憶の輪郭」. Kiiyan responded that the song was something of … More OK Music “Punky Funky Love” interview