ParaHos on Streaming services too

🍾✨🍾✨🍾✨🍾 🔥NIGHT OF FIRE歌:皇烈生(CV: #谷山紀章) 💥READY STEADY GO歌:LOKI.(CV: #森久保祥太郎) ⚡🎧 先 行 配 信 ス タ ー ト 🎧⚡ ✅配信サイト👑僕とで いいじゃない E.P.😈LOVE JACKAL 君だけ E.P.パラホス🍾✨🍾✨🍾✨🍾 — パラホス Official (@IParahos) September 8, 2020 Kiiyan and Morikubo Shoutarou’s songs can both be heard on all major streaming services now.

FLOW x mora

There’s a short interview with the members of FLOW here where they talk about working with Granrodeo.