M-On TV: Magical Rodeo Tour

M-On TV will be airing footage from the Magical Rodeo Tour on the following dates: 9/27/15 (24:30〜25:30) 10/1/15 (26:00〜27:00) Set List: The Other self BRUSH the SCAR LEMON Go For It! ウソノイロ (Acoustic ver.) カナリヤ modern strange cowboy 変幻自在のマジカルスター Once & Forever Promos (may be visible only in Japan): 30 second version: 60 second version:

Magical Rodeo Goods on L-Mart

Goods remaining from the recent Magical Rodeo Tour will go on sale on the L-Mart site starting at 17:00 (Japan time) on 9/5/14. L-Mart accepts foreign credit cards, but you must have a Japan address to mail the goods to.

G9 DVD/Blu-Ray Info

Nothing official on the Lantis site yet, but an enterprising Twitter user has found the following info: Release date:  10/22/14 Format:  DVD, Blu-ray. Each is 3 discs. Disc 1  (Saitama Super Arena), Disc 2 (Osaka-jo Hall), Disc 3 (Magical Rodeo Tour finale, 7/6, Zepp Tokyo) Cost: 11,800 yen (12,744 with tax) Extras:  The Blu-ray comes … More G9 DVD/Blu-Ray Info