Upcoming TV specials

Music Japan TV 「GRANRODEO Special」 2/21/2018 @ 24:00〜24:30 (there will be repeats) TBS1 「GRANRODEO LIVE 2017 G7 ROCK☆SHOW 忘れ歌を、届けにきました。」 2/18/2018 @ 20:00〜22:40 2/25/2018 @ 20:30〜23:10(repeat) TBS2 「GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ!3 完全版」 2/17/2018 @  21:00〜22:30 2/28/2018 @ 18:00〜19:30(repeat) 3/24/2018 @ 19:00〜20:30(repeat) MUSIC ON! TV(M-ON!) M-ON! LIVE GRANRODEO 「GRANRODEO 10th ANNIVERSARY LIVE 2015 G10 ROCK☆SHOW -RODEO DECADE-」 3/22(木)24:30〜26:00(repeat) Source:  http://www.granrodeo.net/media/2018/02/mediatv-14.php

M-On signed poster giveaway

To mark their airing of G10, M-On is giving away 3 signed posters to M-On viewers. You must live in Japan, and you must be watching M-On to enter the lottery. The entry form can be found here. Details Entry Deadline:  9/6/2017 @ 23:59 JST URL:  http://www.m-on.jp/apply/present/2017/08/07/115529/