Overseas Rodeo Coaster viewing

The 5/15 Rodeo Coaster show can be viewed by overseas fans via Streaming+. Tickets are on sale now for 4,425 yen on eplus until 5/19/2021 @ 23:59. Details Events: Rodeo Coaster 5/15 live viewingStreaming Service: Streaming+Date/Time: 5/15/2021 @ 17:00~19:00, archive 5/15/2021 (after show)~5/21/2021Ticket Price: 4,425 yenPurchase Tickets: https://ib.eplus.jp/granrodeoWebsite: https://granrodeo.net/news/information/rodeocoaster_kaigaihaishi/

Dead Apple premiere event

Kiiyan will join Ueumura Yuuto (Atsushi) and Ono Kensho (Akutagawa) at the premiere showing of the upcoming Bungo Stray Dogs movie, Dead Apple at the Marunouchi Piccadilly theatre on February 24th. After the screening, there will be a cast talk. Various theatres around the country will also host a live viewing event. A list of … More Dead Apple premiere event

G7 live viewing

A live viewing for the upcoming G7 show in Okinawa was announced today. Venues in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong have been confirmed. Details Event:  G7 rock show live viewing Venues:  Movie theatres around Japan Tickets:  3800 yen. ticket lottery starts 10/6/2017; general sale starts 10/28/2017 URLs:  Japanese & English