e-XPO event reports

GRANRODEO結成前夜のスペシャルコラボが目白押し!「飯塚昌明 ANNIVERSARY LIVE “e-XPO 2020”」オフィシャルレポートが到着!https://t.co/tB0mhqkKbZ #GRANRODEO #GR15TH #e_XPO #栗林みな実 #美郷あき@GR_staff — リスアニ!NEWS (@LisAni_NEWS) February 3, 2021 飯塚昌明【オフィシャルレポート】30周年記念ライブ『e-XPO 2020』に栗林みな実・福山芳樹・美郷あき・谷山紀章が参戦 https://t.co/gQZenfNrwV — ミュージックマン (@musicman_net) February 3, 2021 【レポート】飯塚昌明の30周年記念ライブ『e-XPO 2020』に、栗林みな実・福山芳樹・美郷あき・谷山紀章が参戦!https://t.co/BTFeaftJkl 激しいギターソロバトルやレアな楽曲も披露📺2/7までアーカイブ配信中#飯塚昌明 #栗林みな実 #福山芳樹#美郷あき #谷山紀章#GRANRODEO #GR15TH #e_XPO pic.twitter.com/vVPcEp2Olk — SPICE[アニメ・ゲーム情報メディア] (@spice_anige) February 2, 2021 GRANRODEO飯塚昌明、スペシャルコラボが目白押しの<ANNIVERSARY LIVE“e-XPO 2020”>https://t.co/dTjepluRbZ#GRANRODEO #飯塚昌明 — BARKS編集部 (@barks_news) February 2, 2021

LisAni Rodeo Note coverage

GRANRODEO Live Session “Rodeo Note” vol.1 オフィシャルライブレポート到着!https://t.co/Sh1dOsyFMG#GRANRODEO #GR15TH @GR_staff — リスアニ!NEWS (@LisAni_NEWS) December 1, 2020  

Granrodeo to perform for Anime Expo Lite x Lisani! Live L.A. virtual concert

This year’s Anime Expo convention has been cancelled, but in place of the usual 4 day event in Los Angeles, there’ll be a 2 day live streaming event. Included in that event is a 2 hour concert taking place the second evening. Granrodeo will be joining Uchida Maaya, Nanjo Yoshino, Elisa, Kotoko and Takahashi Yoko. … More Granrodeo to perform for Anime Expo Lite x Lisani! Live L.A. virtual concert

LisAni Navi rerun

This week’s episode, which has Kiiyan and e-zuka discussing Deadly Drive, will be re-aired multiple times this week. Details Show:  LisAni Navi Channels:  M-On Air Dates & Times:  2/26/2018 @ 26:30~27:00 & 3/1/2018 @ 26:30~27:00 URL:  https://www.lisani.jp/0000071410/


station Music On TV will air this past week’s LisAni!Navi show, which features a comment from Granrodeo. Details Station:  Music on TV Show:  LisAni!Navi Date/Time:  8/7/2017 & 8/9/2017 @ 27:00~27:30 URL:  https://www.lisani.jp/navi/