2017 in review

It was a super busy year for Granrodeo, and 2018 is shaping up to be almost as busy. Here’s a fairly thorough, so perhaps not exhaustive, summary of Granrodeo’s 2017. Please visit the Timeline page to see past years. 1/1 — New Year’s countdown at Nagashima Spa Land 1/21 — Breakers vs. 1/23 — Line … More 2017 in review

KenPro blu-ray event

Kiiyan and Yonaga Tsubasa  participated in last Saturday’s KenPro blu-ray release event at Animate Shinjuku. They were the last set of guests, starting at 18:30. KenPro president, Utsumi Kentarou, was the MC, guiding the conversation (as much as Kiiyan with a mic can ever be guided). The event had three parts: Kiiyan, Yonaga and Utsumi … More KenPro blu-ray event

KenPro filming, day 2

Apparently they had a bit too much to drink yesterday, and are hungover, but day two goes on anyhow! Pics from the KenPro twitter feed, Anri Katsu’s personal twitter and Hayashi Yu’s personal twitter.

KenPro filming

Kiiyan, Hayashi Yuu and Anri Katsu are busy filming something for KenPro today, presumably for the KenPRock Fes release.

KenProck FES CD for sale for a limited time

The CD, originally only available at the event itself, is on sale for one month on Movic’s site.     Partial Track Listing 『VOICE FOR YELL~Theme of KENPROCK 2017~』 『song of K.E.N.P.R.O.~社歌~』 『Start Your Live』(Kiiyan, Anri Katsu, Hayashi Yu) Details Availability:  4/14/2017 ~ 5/14/2017 23:59 JST URL:  http://www.movic.jp/shop/g/g28010-19001-01930/ Price:  2,500 円 (before tax)

KenProck FES Blu-ray announced

After today’s initial airing of the concert on TBS, a blu-ray release was announced! In addition, the event will re-air on TBS on 5/26/2017. Details Release Date:  8/26/2017 Price: ¥7,800 (before tax) Format:  2 Discs, blu-ray Extras:  KENPROCK Festival thems song「VOICE FOR YELL」MV full, 社歌「song of K.E.N.P.R.O.」MV full, backstage footage

KenPRock live report from NiziSta

The full report and more pics, can be found here. Best line in the writeup:  GRANRODEOにしか作り出せないカオスなパワーが凄まじい。(loosely translates to:  “The chaos power that can only be created by Granrodeo is frightful.”) Though this one’s also good:  分厚い爆音と圧倒的な歌唱力が会場に襲いかかり、声優の枠組みを越えたロックスターの存在感が突きつけられる。(which loosely translates to “A heavily explosive overwhelming singing voice attacks the hall, and a rockstar presence, beyond that of a … More KenPRock live report from NiziSta